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Low Fees

Deposit and withdraw in multi-currency with low FX rates and fees for merchants

Regulated by the FCA

Designed to meet the demands of highly regulated businesses, that have a need to support a diverse range of international customers.


Know your customer (KYC), Anti-money laundering (AML) and GDPR compliant, ensuring the highest standard of fraud risk management.

Luxon for operators

  • Full control

    Luxon has control of its own platform; making changes and improvements easier and faster

  • Secure

    Real-time fraud analytics that go further than basic velocity and simple metrics

  • International vetting

    All applications vetted to a truly international level for KYC and AML

  • 17 currencies

    17 supported currencies and more on the way

  • Close monitoring

    Managed and monitored by Luxon’s experienced team of fraud and compliance experts

  • Dedicated account manager

    Dedicated account management and ability to drive the Luxon’s roadmap to meet your business requirements

  • Multi-currency

    Multi like-like currency Luxon e-wallet
    – coming soon

  • 24/7 support

    We offer 24/7 operator support

Real time checks

Luxon has complete visibility of user and player e-wallets, the ability to identify patterns, trends and respond in real-time:

  • Multiple accounts

    Multiple accounts from same device, against a single user and usewrs within a single account

  • Multiple users

    Multiple users using the same payment device such as card or bank account

  • Granular visibility

    Granular visibility of linked wallets including credentials used

  • APM accounts

    Detail of APM accounts used and linked to a Luxon account

Advanced geo-location

  • IP

    Suspicious and / or blocked IP and proxies

  • Geo-city

    Geo-city and country conversion

  • Secure visibility

    Distance between IP addresses between different interactions

  • Rule morphing

    Morphing rules between IP and multiple other data points

  • Risk profiling

    Scoring/Risk profiling against the IP address

  • Data visualisation

    Visualisation of the data points to aid deferred and reject transaction triage.

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