Luxon Express

What is Luxon Express?

Luxon Express is a quick guest checkout feature enabled in the merchant cashier via our API. It allows customers to deposit into your site without having to first create a Luxon Pay account. Customers are able to deposit using Visa and Mastercard securely.

How do I integrate Luxon Express?

Luxon Express is available via our simple API, documentation can be found here:

As a merchant, we already have an integration with Luxon Pay, how do we add the Luxon Express feature?

The Luxon Pay API documentation has been updated and can be found here: . You can also contact your Account Manager for further information.

Can a customer use Luxon Express without creating a Luxon Pay eWallet account?

Yes, customers do not need to create a Luxon Pay eWallet account to use Luxon Express.

Are there any fees associated with using Luxon Express?

There are no additional fees to allow your customers to use Luxon Express. It is just an additional feature Luxon Pay can offer your customers. The fee structure you have in place remains the same.

How secure is Luxon Express for making deposits?

Luxon Express has all the security and compliance features of Luxon Pay eWallet.

What payment options are supported by Luxon Express?

Currently Luxon Express offers customers the ability to use Visa and Mastercard during the guest checkout process.

Can a customer use Luxon Express to withdraw funds from merchants as well?

No, withdrawals are not possible using Luxon Express however, customers can withdraw to their Luxon Pay eWallet.

Are there any limits on the amount a customer can deposit using Luxon Express?

Yes, customers have a maximum of 5,000 euros per transaction. They are able to do multiple transactions though.

Can merchants track the transaction history for deposits made through Luxon Express?

Yes, all transactions are recorded in the Merchant Business Application (MBA).

What happens if a deposit made through Luxon Express fails or is delayed?

Customers can contact our Luxon Pay Customer Support Team available 24/7. Merchants can track and trace the transaction through the Merchant Business Application (MBA).

Are there any authentication requirements for using Luxon Express?

Yes, the usual authentication associated with a card transaction is in place.

Is Luxon Express available for every country Luxon Pay eWallet is available?

Yes, Luxon Express is available wherever Luxon Pay wallet is available.

Can I use Luxon Express on mobile devices and on the web?

Yes, Luxon Express can be used on desktop and mobile applications.

Can customers make deposits in any currencies through Luxon Express?

Customers are able to make deposits in over 20 different currenices that are supported by Luxon Pay.

Are there any restrictions on the number of transactions a customer can make with Luxon Express?

No restrictions for the number of transactions a customer can make using Luxon Express.

Is the 100% no charge backs still guaranteed, if customers use Luxon Express?

Yes, Luxon Pay still offers all merchants 100% no charge back guarantee if a customer uses Luxon Express.

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