What fees will I be charged to deposit into my Luxon Pay account?

Depending on your VIP level you may be charged a fee to deposit. Visit our fees page for more information. Any fees will be shown before making the deposit.

Your bank may charge you a fee if you do not deposit using the same currency as the account you are depositing into, e.g. if you are depositing into your GBP Luxon Pay account, please ensure you use a GBP bank account or GBP card to deposit from.

How long does a credit / debit card deposit take?

Deposits using credit or debit cards should arrive in your Luxon Pay account immediately.

What are my account limits for depositing into my Luxon Pay account?

The limits on your account will automatically increase once your account is fully verified. To increase your limits further please contact the customer service team, please note that limit increase depends on your merchant activity.

You can view your limits and features by selecting ‘Account’ and then ‘Account information’.

How do I deposit money into my Luxon Pay account?

From the main dashboard, select ‘Deposit’, choose the currency and enter the amount and press continue. You will then be directed to choose which depositing method you would like to use.

To avoid bank fees, always deposit in the same currency as your payment method. Deposits must be from an account in your name.

Your depositing methods will then be stored, safely and securely, ensuring you only need to enter your details once.


Is there a minimum amount of money I need to deposit?

Yes, you must deposit at least €20 or equivalent in other currencies.

Why has my debit / credit card been declined?

There are several reasons why your card may have been declined. Some reasons are listed here:

The card issuer has declined the transaction for security reasons or exceeding limits in which case, you should contact your card issuer / bank
You have entered the incorrect card details
You have an insufficient balance to carry out the transaction
The personal details does not match the personal details on your Luxon Pay account
You are trying to register more than the maximum number of registered cards (3)

Can I deposit money into my Luxon Pay account using someone else’s bank or card details?

No, you will not be able to deposit into your Luxon Pay account using someone else’s bank or card details. This also means you are not able to deposit using a company / business card or bank account.

You can only deposit into your Luxon Pay account with a bank/card registered in your name.

Does Luxon Pay charge a fee for deposits made via bank transfer?

No, Luxon Pay doesn’t charge any fees for deposits made via bank transfer. However your bank or any intermediary bank involved may charge you a fee for the transfer, unfortunately Luxon Pay has no control over these fees.

Which deposit methods does Luxon Pay support?

We offer a variety of deposit methods from major to local payment options.

Some of the most popular options are:

Bank Transfer, deposit directly via your bank account for amounts over €20 or equivalent
Credit / Debit cards, Luxon Pay supports Visa and Mastercard, though some have limited availability, depending on your country of residence


bank transfer



instant bank transfer




open banking






No Methods available

How long does a deposit via alternative payment method (APM) take?

Depositing via an alternative payment method (APM) can take up to a few hours to show in your Luxon Pay account. If you experience further delays please contact your APM provider

Can I use a prepaid card to deposit into my Luxon Pay account?

No, pre-paid cards are not accepted as a deposit method to credit your Luxon Pay account.

Is Open Banking available on Luxon Pay?

Yes Open Banking is available for UK customers only on deposits.

How do I manage my stored cards?

Your card details are automatically saved each time you use a new card to make a deposit. You only need to enter your details once and can store up to three cards.

Can I make a deposit via bank transfer?

Yes, you must deposit at least €20 or the equivalent in an alternative currency. You will be required to have a fully verified Luxon Pay account and we’ll need a bank statement, dated within the last 3 months, for the account you are making the deposit from which shows the balance required to make the deposit.
Please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

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