Are my funds safe with Luxon Pay?

Yes, we use a variety of methods to ensure your money and your personal information remain safe at all times:

Industry standard encryption levels for all sensitive information
Highly secure data centres
24/7 automated transaction monitoring plus our internal fraud and compliance teams
24/7 support for immediate concerns

What is Strong Customer Authentication?

The way your bank or payment services provider verifies your identity or validates a specific payment instruction is changing. These changes are designed to reduce the risk of a fraudster pretending to be you to steal your money. Information for consumers on Strong Customer Authentication.

Is 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) available on Luxon Pay?

Yes, to increase security on your account you are able to set either SMS or Google Authenticator as 2FA. Please go to your account, select ‘Security’ and 2 Factor Authentication to enable 2FA and customise your settings.

How can I manage my trusted devices?

You can manage your trusted devices by selecting ‘Account’, select ‘Security and then ‘Trusted Devices’. From here, you can manage your devices.

Can I log into Luxon Pay using an IP proxy or VPN?

No you are not able to log into Luxon Pay using an IP proxy or a VPN connection. This is as a precaution to protect your funds and personal information. Your account may be suspended if you have tried to log in via an IP proxy or VPN.

How do I keep my Luxon Pay account safe?

To ensure the highest level of security, please:
• Ensure you never share your account information such as account password with anyone else
• Ensure you have 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) activated on your account
• Create a strong password that is hard to guess
• Do not use the same password on your Luxon Pay account that you use for other online services
• Change your password on a regular basis
• Be careful if an email looks suspicious
• If you think someone other than you has made a transaction, using your account, contact our Support Team via Live Chat immediately

Are my transactions protected with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?

Yes, your transactions on Luxon Pay have additional authentication including trusted device management and SMS verification.

Is it possible to turn on/off fingerprint/face ID?

Yes, it is possible to turn on/off fingerprint/face ID by going to ‘Account’ and selecting ‘Security’. Here you can toggle these settings on or off.

How can I protect my account when logged in via a public computer?

When you log in via your desktop application, ensure you untick the box ‘Add to trusted devices’ if you are using a public computer.

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