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Luxon Express is crafted to ease the deposit process for non-Luxon users via the Luxon platform, allowing transactions through credit or debit cards.

You’ll need to share additional user data with us, enabling users to transact via card without establishing a Luxon wallet. Users can repeatedly utilize “Luxon Express” for deposits without creating a Luxon account, facilitating a smoother transaction process.

Luxon Express enhances the payment experience, offering you the control necessary to adapt the system according to your users’ needs. It’s an invaluable enhancement to your payment solutions, providing a seamless, adaptable payment method for both non-Luxon users and merchants.



Request Parameters

Name Type Description
merchantTransactionId String A Unique ID to identify the transaction.
merchantUserId String A unique ID to identify the user.
redirectUrl String The URL we redirect the customer to after the payment is completed.
comment String A text comment that accompanies the deposit (visible to the user and merchant).
amount Integer A positive integer in cents representing how much the user wishes to deposit.

e.g. 100 EUR would be 10000 / 50 USD would be 5000

currency String The ISO 3 letter currency code in lowercase, see the supported currency list for details.
brand String An optional string that can be used to send identifying information for the merchant to allow grouping of transactions.
useBrand Boolean An optional boolean that when set to true will show the user the contents of the brand string in place of the merchant name registered with Luxon.
user String An user object with the details for the Billing information mandatory for this feature.

Request Format

"merchantTransactionId": "string",
"merchantUserId": "string",
"redirectUrl": "string",
"comment": "string",
"amount": number,
"currency": "string",
"brand": "string",
"useBrand": boolean
"user": {
	"firstName: "string",
	"middleName": "string",
	"lastName": "string",
	"email": "string",
	"language": "string",
	"placeOfBirth": "string",
	"dateOfBirth": "date",
	"phoneNumber": "string",
	"nationality": "string",
	"merchantClientKYCLevel": "string",
	"merchantClientRegistrationDate": "date",
	"address": {
		"addressLine1": "string",
		"addressLine2": "string",
		"city": "string",
		"state": "string",
		"country": "string",
		"zipCode": "string"

To use this feature, you must include the ‘user’ parameter and within it, you must also provide the following mandatory details: “firstName”, “lastName”, “email”, “dateOfBirth”, “phoneNumber” and “”.

Remember, all dates should comply with the ISO8601 format. 

For “nationality” “placeOfBirth” and “country” you need to use ISO3166 country codes.

Currently, the system supports multiple languages: “en” “ru” “pt-br” “de” “ja” “fr” “it” and “es”.

It’s essential to ensure no parameters are left empty. If there is no specific information to be declared, please use ‘null’ as the value for that parameter. 

Note: The responses and callbacks you receive are consistent with those for the 2-step payment method. However, if a transaction is executed by an express user, the “userWallet” field will not be part of the data you receive.

To provide a seamless user experience, Luxon Express offers control over the appearance of payment options within the “create payment with express user” section through query parameters on the URL field.

Below are the various customization options:

  1. ?tab=wallet“: When you use this query parameter, only the Luxon wallet payment option is shown, streamlining the payment process for users who prefer to utilize their Luxon wallet for transactions.
  2. ?tab=card“: If you opt for this query parameter, the Express card checkout option is prominently displayed, making it convenient for users who wish to pay using their credit or debit cards.
  3. No parameters or both: In the absence of any query parameters or when both are included, all available payment options are presented. This ensures flexibility, allowing users to choose their preferred payment method from the complete range of options.

By strategically utilizing these parameters, you can guide your customers towards their familiar or preferred payment methods, enhancing their overall transaction experience.