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If you prefer to enable PayOuts before a user’s first deposit, or if you choose not to store the unique WalletID, you can also initiate PayOuts using the user’s phone number.

Please be aware that while we do not require users to register with a phone number, some users may choose to add it voluntarily. Therefore, if you’re utilizing the payout feature with a phone number parameter, keep in mind that not all users may have a phone number associated with their account.

To utilize this feature, the recipientWallet field should be left as ‘null’, and instead, the user’s phone number should be provided in the ‘phone’ parameter.

Attempting to Pay out to a phone number that is not associated with a Luxon account will result in an error “Payment method not found”.

Request Parameters

Name Type Description
merchantTransactionId String A Unique ID to identify the transaction.
merchantUserId String A unique ID to identify the user.
phone String The phone number of the user to whom the PayOut is being sent.
comment String A text comment that accompanies the deposit (visible to the user and merchant).
amount Integer A positive integer in cents represents how much the user wishes to deposit.

e.g. 100 EUR would be 10000 / 50 USD would be 5000

currency String The ISO 3 letter currency code in lowercase, see the supported currency list for details.
brand String An optional string that can be used to send identifying information for the merchant to allow grouping of transactions.

Request Body Example

"amount": 100000,
"merchantTransactionId": 248512321,
"comment": "Payout",
"currency": "USD",
"merchantUserId": 811226,
"brand": null,
"phone": "+407******74"

The response is the same as for PayOut with wallet ID.