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The Merchant Window, implemented as an iframe or webview, serves as the user-facing component of our payment API. 

Through this window, users can specify payment details, configure payment settings and choose the payment method, including credit cards and digital wallets. It is the user interface in which users can effortlessly and securely complete their transactions.

When you redirect customers to the user to Luxon’s merchant window/iframe, there is an opportunity to fine-tune the window’s content based using parameters supplied in the URL field. 

Language Selection (LANG Parameter)

One key customizable option is the language parameter, “LANG”. To align the Merchant Window with your users’ language preferences, use the “lang” parameter in the URL. For example:…&lang=ru.

Omitting the “lang” parameter defaults the language to English. It’s a small touch that enhances user experience significantly by providing a familiar, understandable context.

Luxon Pay supported languages:

Chinese (zh-hans), English (en), French (fr), German (de), Greek (el), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Brazilian portuguese (pt-br), Russian (ru), Spanish (es), Argentinian Spanish (es-ar), Swedish (sv), Lithuanian (lt)

Using the ‘Tab’ Parameter

Beyond language, another element you can control is the active tab within the Merchant Window, thanks to the “tab” parameter. This function is particularly useful in conjunction with the Luxon Express feature. You can find more detailed insights on utilizing this feature in the “Luxon Express” section of the documentation.