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Code Description Status Type
PENDING Transaction has been successfully initiated intermediate
PROCESSING Transaction has been accepted and currently being processed intermediate
REJECTED Transaction has been rejected final
PROCESSED Transaction has been successfully processed final
FAILED There was an error during transaction processing final
CANCELED Transaction has been canceled final
EXPIRED Transaction order is expired final

Understanding Transaction Statuses

FAILED Status:

A transaction may be marked as FAILED under the following circumstances:

  • A RiskLevelLimitExceededException is triggered, indicating an exceeded limit for the user’s specific risk level (mitigation: user should complete verification and/or request to move on to a higher risk level).
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) validation rejection for the transaction. 
  • Internal failure that has to do with the Luxon account’s balance. 
  • Internal failure caused by an issue with the specified currency of the transaction.
  • Internal failure caused by a User ID mismatch 
  • Internal failure caused by an issue in account’s wallets 


A transaction will be marked as REJECTED if:

  • A “DECLINE” action is received during the confirmation callback response in a 2-step transaction, leading to a MERCHANT_TRANSACTION_DECLINED exception.


A transaction will be marked as CANCELED under the following scenarios:

  • Any response other than “PROCEED” or “DECLINE” is received for the action in the 2-step transaction confirmation callback, triggering a MERCHANT_TWO_STEP_TRANSACTION_VERIFICATION_FAILED exception.
  • An attempt is made to transfer funds to one’s own wallet ( exception).
  • Insufficient funds are present for the transaction.


A transaction will be marked as EXPIRED if:

  • No status-modifying operation occurs within 15 minutes, leading to an automated status change to EXPIRED by the system.