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If you prefer to enable PayOuts before a user’s first deposit, or if you choose not to store the unique WalletID, you can initiate PayOuts using the user’s email.

To utilize this feature, the recipientWallet field should be left as ‘null’, and instead, the user’s email should be provided in the ‘email’ parameter.

This approach simplifies the transaction process, allowing you to perform transactions without the user’s WalletID, using only their Luxon-registered email. 

Attempting to Pay out to an email that does not exist as a Luxon account will result in an error “Payment method not found”.

Request Body Example

"amount": 100000,
"merchantTransactionId": 248512321,
"comment": "Payout",
"currency": "USD",
"merchantUserId": 811226,
"brand": null,
"email": "Mi***ru"

The response is the same as for PayOut.