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Upon the successful completion of a payment or payout, a callback is initiated to a pre-configured URL to confirm the transaction’s finalization. For enhanced security, it is advisable to safeguard this URL through the use of an IP whitelist. 

Notably, the necessary Luxon IP addresses suitable for this whitelist have already been included in this documentation, ensuring a streamlined and secure setup for your integration process.


Name Type Description
transactionId String A unique Luxon transaction identifier that can be used as a reference in other API calls.
merchantUserId String A unique ID to identify the user
userWallet String A unique ID that represents the user’s wallet.
date String The date and time the transaction was created in ISO8601 format.
comment String The comment field attached to the transaction.
amount Integer A positive integer in cents representing the value of the transaction
type String The Type of transaction (“MERCHANT_PAYOUT” “MERCHANT_PAYIN” “MERCHANT_REFUND”).
fee Integer The fee chargeable to the merchant for this transaction in EUR cents.
status String A status object with the status of the transaction.
billingAgreementId String If the payment was created with the createBillingAgreement parameter set to true and the user gave their permission to set up a Once-click agreement this will return a unique ID that can be used to initiate deposits on behalf of the user without redirecting them to log into their account.


"transactionId": "string",
"merchantTransactionId": "string",
"merchantUserId": "string",
"date": "string",
"comment": "string",
"amount": number,
"fee": number,
"type": "string",
"userWallet" : "string",
"billingAgreementId": "string",
"status": {
	"code": "string",
	"message": "string"

If the webhook callback doesn’t successfully reach you, Luxon implements a callback retry mechanism to ensure communication integrity. Here’s how it functions:

Should the initial attempt fail, Luxon will initiate up to 5 retry attempts to send the callback to you. If all these attempts are unsuccessful, the callback is regarded as completely failed. In this scenario, Luxon records the following event:

“Merchant transfer [string]: status callback has not been sent. Merchant transaction id [string]”