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The Luxon Pay API comprises a collection of REST endpoints. 

Our system employs straightforward URLs, accepting form-encoded request bodies while delivering JSON-formatted responses.

To facilitate an intuitive and familiar integration, we adopt conventional HTTP response codes along with standard authentication mechanisms.

For security, it’s imperative to communicate via HTTPS, specifically using the TLS 1.2 protocol. Please note that HTTP requests will not be entertained.

Base URL for Production Environment

When you are ready to go live with real transactions after the testing phase, you will use the production environment. The Base URL for the production environment is as follows:

This URL is the endpoint you will interact with for all live transactions and real-time data processing. Ensure all your API calls, request bodies, and headers are set to the production standards as outlined in our documentation.

URL for Integration and Testing Purposes

Before going live, it’s essential to conduct comprehensive testing to guarantee smooth operations. For your integration and testing phases, you’ll use a different URL, specific to our testing environment. The Base URL for this purpose is:

This testing environment (INT) is where you’ll perform all pre-live integrations, conduct tests and debug. It’s designed to simulate the live environment including processing real transactions (with fake funds), allowing you to safely test the waters without financial implications.

Please use this URL until your setup is verified and you’re cleared to switch to the production environment.

Follow the integration process detailed in the Getting started section and the integration timeline documentation to kick off your integration. Our team will gladly accompany you and facilitate your path to production.