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You can retrieve detailed information about specific transactions. This function is essential for auditing, responding to customer inquiries, or maintaining records.


For the GET method used to retrieve transaction details or wallet balance, the request body should remain empty (“”).

Response Parameters

Name Type Description
merchantTransactionId String The transaction ID sent by the merchant when this transaction was created.
merchantUserId String The user ID sent by the merchant when this transaction was created.
userWallet String A unique ID that represents the user’s wallet.
date String The date and time the transaction was created in ISO8601 format.
comment String The comment field attached to the transaction.
amount Integer A positive integer in cents representing the value of the transaction.

e.g. 100 EUR would be 10000 / 50 USD would be 5000

type String The Type of transaction (“MERCHANT_PAYOUT” “MERCHANT_PAYIN” “MERCHANT_REFUND”).
fee Integer The fee chargeable to the merchant for this transaction in EUR cents.
status String A status object with the status of the transaction.


Response Format

"merchantTransactionId": "string",
"merchantUserId": "string",
"userWallet": "string",
"date": "string", // transaction date in ISO 8601 format
"comment": "string",
"amount": number,
"fee": number,
"status": {
	"code": "string",
	"message": "string"