What is Luxon Pay and how does it work?

Luxon Pay is a multi-currency digital wallet (an eWallet) and is a safe and convenient way to deposit funds into merchants for quick and easy online payments. Your Luxon Pay eWallet enables you to hold multiple currencies and exchange between them, instantly.

Plus, you can send and request money from friends around the world, using your synced contacts for fast and secure global transactions, all with no fees. (Limits may apply).

What kind of Luxon Pay accounts are there, and what limits do they have?

The limits on your account will automatically increase once your account is fully verified. To increase your limits further please contact the customer service team, please note that limit increase depends on your merchant activity.

You can view your limits and features by selecting ‘Account’ and then ‘Account information’.

Are my account limits the same as my VIP tier?

No, your account limits depend on the level of verification you have submitted and your merchant activity.

How soon can I start using my Luxon Pay account?

You can start to use your Luxon Pay account immediately after it has been set up and proof of ID has been verified. Available limits and features can be viewed in ‘Account Information’.

How do I change my personal details linked to my Luxon Pay account?

In order to change your name, address or date of birth, please contact our Support Team via Live Chat, who can assist you. Further verification will also be required.

Where can I access my account statements?

Log into your desktop application, Select ‘Account’ then choose ‘Statements’. From here you will be able to select the currency, month and format and download.

What is your Privacy Policy?

You can find our Privacy Policy at the bottom of our website or in your Luxon Pay account by selecting ‘Account’ and then ‘Legals’.

Which countries is Luxon Pay available in?

Luxon Pay is available in over 170 countries. Deposit and withdraw in 30+ currencies. Use Visa, Mastercard and many other alternative payment methods. Depositing via bank transfer is available for amounts of €20 or more, please contact the Support Team via Live Chat to arrange.


bank transfer



instant bank transfer







open banking



No Methods available

How can I increase my account limits?

After your account is active, you can request higher limits and enhanced features by completing further verification.

Please contact our Support Team via Live Chat to request higher limits and enhanced features. Please note that limit increase depends on your merchant deposit activity.

It can take up to 3 working days for your new limits and features to become available.

How can I change the language?

You can change the language by selecting ‘Account’ and then use the drop-down menu to choose your preferred language.

Why has my Luxon Pay account been disabled?

From time to time Luxon Pay will suspend access to your account to protect personal information and funds. We may do this if we see unusual activity on your account.

Please contact our Support Team and they can help further, if you are experiencing this issue.

How do I close my Luxon Pay account?

If you would like to close your account, please click on Account – Security – Delete account.

Please be aware that after deleting your account you will not be able to create a new account.

If you have any questions regarding your account please contact the customer support team for advice.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions and other legal documents?

All our legal documents can be found at the bottom of our website or in your Luxon Pay account by selecting ‘Account’ and then ‘Legals’.

How can I change my email address and mobile linked to my Luxon Pay account?

Please go to ‘Account’, click ‘Personal Details’ and click the three dots next to the email or mobile number and follow the instructions. You will be required to complete verification on changing your email or mobile number.

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